These 5 programming languages should be mastered by blockchain developers

At BTC-ECHO it’s job week. We therefore take a look at the professional development opportunities for blockchain enthusiasts. Software developers in particular currently have a good chance of finding what they are looking for on the job market. BTC-ECHO has already reported that an above-average salary will then be offered.

Today we are dealing with the skill set, i.e. the range of skills that blockchain developers should demonstrate.

Here are five programming languages that the news spy blockchain developer should master

There is no other way to the news spy: Solidity is an absolute niche. Solidity is an object-oriented programming language that is most comparable to Java. What makes learning Solidity so interesting for software developers is the fact that the Ethereum blockchain is written on Solidity. Solidity is the standard for writing Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Therefore, the programming language is an absolute must for all Ethereum enthusiasts.

Java is the evergreen among programming languages. The language is incredibly versatile and also absolute standard in the blockchain area. Besides the classic programming of back- and frontend applications, software developers can also make their first steps in blockchain programming with the help of Java. For illustration you will find a code snippet for a blockchain based on Java.

Python has become the data analysis software of choice these days. If you see your future in quantitative data analysis, you can’t get past Python. Such capabilities are also very much in demand in the blockchain area. Those who are able to process relevant data records from the sheer mass of raw data from hash rate to transaction volume in a meaningful way create enormous competitive advantages for their own company.

By the way:

As GitHub user cosme12 proves, even full crypto currencies can be programmed on Python. The first code snippets for the mining configurations can be found here:

Programmers rely mainly on JavaScript for the development of web applications. However, blockchains can also be programmed on the scripting language. For the GitHub project of “spenserhunag” please click here. The whole thing looks like this:

Spenser Huang also added some explanatory words to his GitHub project. Interested people please click here.

While Bitcoin maximists believe that Bitcoin alone is the “killer app” of blockchain technology, the less fundamentalist part of the crypto community believes that it is smartphone applications in particular that lead to far-reaching adaptation. And this requires capable developers who are both DLT-ready and have the technical skills to program such applications.

Apple enthusiasts can’t get past Swift, because the programming language is standard for all kinds of Apple applications. So if you want to tinker with smart iOS apps, take a look at Swift.

Want an introduction?

From Apps To dApps – An Intro To Blockchain For Mobile Developers
Watch this video on YouTube.
However, it is less relevant that you have mastered all these languages to perfection. It is even advisable to specialize in only one or two programming languages so that you can consider security aspects of these languages in your software development.

The job horn for blockchain developers is full to bursting, the demand is great. Take a look at the BTC-ECHO job exchange.

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