Bitcoin news: Blockchain is at the very beginning of its development

Let us come to the second use case, the use of blockchain in the area of financial services. Your project brings me the keyword R3CEV. Can you explain the similarities and differences here?

Ultimately, R3 is still in a concept phase compared to Ripple according to the Bitcoin news

Of course, the vision and ambition of R3CEV goes far beyond a mere money transfer. But we are primarily interested in Bitcoin news exploring what is already possible today. And an international money transfer such as ATB Financial fits very well with Ripple, which is why Bitcoin news are working with them in this area.

This is exactly what we are doing at SAP and the Innovation Center: We orient ourselves to the state of the art, identify individual processes that could bear fruit after they have been optimized, and analyze these ideas with regard to their duration. We are therefore very customer-oriented and focus on improving existing processes.

In your opinion, what influence will the blockchain have on business and society, and how will SAP contribute?

On the one hand, SAP is very customer-oriented

On the other hand, for many industries we still see Blockchain at the very beginning of its development. For us, it is important not to miss out on possible disruptions in any industry or business area, and ideally even to actively shape them.

The point is that not every company works with an ERP system from SAP. Nevertheless, companies want to align their value chains. A blockchain-based solution could create a common basis here and function as an intermediary that connects the different systems with each other and still cannot be assigned to a single company.

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