Video-Stottern unter Windows 10

Für einige Windows 10-Benutzer stellte das Aktualisieren von der vorherigen Betriebssystemversion ein neues Problem dar; sie begannen, Videoprobleme zu haben. In dieser Ausgabe wurden einige der Videos nicht mit einer Anwendung abgespielt und videos ruckeln windows 10, und die Videos in jedem Browser zeigten stotternde oder zufällige Verzögerungen. In der modernen Welt ist alles digitalisiert […]

These 5 programming languages should be mastered by blockchain developers

At BTC-ECHO it’s job week. We therefore take a look at the professional development opportunities for blockchain enthusiasts. Software developers in particular currently have a good chance of finding what they are looking for on the job market. BTC-ECHO has already reported that an above-average salary will then be offered. Today we are dealing with […]

Scam suspicion: UK Financial Supervisory Authority reviews 50 crypto firms

The number of cases in which the British financial supervisory authority tests crypto-companies is apparently rising sharply. This was reported by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to the British newspaper Telegraph. According to the report, FCA is targeting over 50 companies. Seven of the 50 investigations alone were initiated by employees of the accused companies. […]

The heirs of Petro – Turkey considers Turkcoin, Iran also wants to follow suit

Turkey could in future issue its own national crypto currency, the Turkcoin. The government supporting party MHP published a corresponding proposal last week. The party is thus giving shape to the visions of the Turkish government. Only last week deputy prime minister Mehmet had spoken Şimşek of the possible publication of its own crypto currency. […]